Monday, October 30, 2006

How's Indy?

Just an update on 'the finger'. I have been hearing reports that many are concerned that I can now only count to nine with my shoes on. Let me squash those rumors right now. I realize that hearing someone has cut their finger on a table saw invokes certain imagry but let me set the record straight. I got a cut about an inch long and a quarter inch deep along the tip of my left index finger. There was no damage to either the bone or the nail bed or the nail for that matter. Tramatic to be sure but nothing missing except my pride and confidence around power tools.
'The finger' who likes to go by Indy thinks the whole situation is quite amusing. He is actually enjoying the attention and all the sympathy cards. I have put him in his place and have sent him right back to work. He got his week of sick leave and now he is back on duty doing all things fingery. In fact he has taken his position next to the crew to help type this update. Though he still a little shy about getting back to the guitar, and he is still holding a grudge against the table saw.
The two had to work together again yesterday, but they got along fine and without incident. The table saw suprisingly had no comment on the incident. I think his exact words were, "shouldn't have been standing so close." Well now that Mr. Sensitive has chimed we will see what this week brings.
Well Indy sends you his thanks for all your concern but don't worry too much about him his stiches come out tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Its cold out today

Woke up shivering today. It seems weird being in this place and being so cold but it reminds me of home. Might have something to do with the roommates setting the AC so low, but it is cold outside as well.

We have entered the rainy season in earnest. It rained a lot last night and that makes the place smell different. A body gets used to a certain amount of dust and bad smell in their lungs and when that is gone; well it is just different. It brings out another smell not unlike when you get a dog wet and they smell entirely different. Or maybe it is because I do not have the dust clogging up my nose every second of the day that my sniffer still works.

Cut my finger on the table saw day before yesterday. Let me tell you it is not all the fun and games people tell you it is. All I can say is that it could have been much worse. I pretty much made hamburger out of the tip of my index finger but nothing more. I was so mad and embarrassed. The medics did a fine job patching me up. I got four stiches and a lot of guff. My pride suffered as much as my finger did. I plan on getting the last laugh and using it for a sermon illustration somehow but nothing yet.

So far it is business as usual. Got my new assistant last week. He is from the Bronx, his name is SFC John Duffy. I just call him Duffy. My last assistant SGT Cowell came down with bad knees and needed a job that was easier on his knees. So far Duffy and I are getting along nicely. I wasn't too excited about the change at first; guess that happens when you get older (not excited about change) but things are turning out better than I expected.

Said goodbye to a couple of good friends this week. SSG Rosenfeld and SPC Gonzales were regular attendees at my chapel services and seriously hardcore prayer warriors. I will miss them both dearly they were an encouragement to me when I really needed it. Several nights we tarried in prayer together praying against the spiritual darkness that blankets this side of the world. They really taught me something about prayer.

We often use prayer as a last resort or as an after thought to our day but not these guys. Prayer is their first option. They are quick to pull the chord on the prayer line if they are having a bad day or just feel like something is up we would get together and pray. I could use more of that kind of belief in my life. I have thanked God every day for them since they first showed up in my service and I am sure that wherever they end up God will use them to do great things.