Thursday, December 14, 2006

News from here

I sit down to write again and again and nothing seems important enough to write about. so if you don't mind me rambling I will just do that.
One thing I am curious about. So far several people have written to me asking that I do either some writing on their blog, or that I grant them some kind of interview or that in some form or fashion I write something for them about the war here in Iraq. I am never sure if these things are some new brand of scam; and I being suspicious of everything have yet to write them back.
I have never considered myself a scholor or a writer or even good at smashing words together to make a sentence. So for these folks to ask for my input is flattering but at the same time it puts me off a little. I am not fishing for a compliment here, rather just letting you in on the questions that storm through my head. Do they really think I write all that well? Do they really think I have great insights on this war? Do they really want to hear about the gospel applied to a crawl through the mud profession. Actually I would like to hear about that last one.
I started writing on this blog just to keep my family and friends informed and maybe share with them a little of what goes on here. I am glad to hear that others of you are blessed by my comments. I would prefer to just keep this whole thing simple. If you like it great, if you don't, fine. Anything more than that is just not in my plans.
One of my soldiers commented on chapel this week, it was fun to read

he had some interesting insights on chapel this week.