Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday's team

Sunday always seems like a milestone to me. It is not the only day that I do services, but it is somehow special to me. I guess it is because there is some expectation from me on Sunday. Every other day of the week I set my own schedule and everything I do us up to me as to when and where. But Sunday that day everyone expects to worship. I think it is a better worship than on Wednesdays, why I don't really know. Maybe it is because there is some anticipation for Sunday, or maybe it is becuause I treat it more special.

In the military world you do worship services whenever we get the time. We work every day, sometimes all day. Every day is as important as the next. As chaplains we have a saying, "everyday is Sunday." But Sunday "actual" is special because it is not "whenever we get the time," rather it is time set aside. The fact that it is time set aside makes it special.

It is like a tithe of our time. Of all the time the Lord has given us, we set aside 1/7th of it for him. I like that, it is not the day that is important rather it is the setting aside that is important. Sunday could be anyday, but here it is important because that is the day that we set specifically to worship him.

Been thinking of the everything belongs to God thing lately, so it is no wonder that my musings on Sunday center around this theme. Read some about Jacob in Genesis. In chapter 33 he has a drastic 24 hours. He goes from everything I have earned to everything comes from God. An interesting change.

Everyone here says to me things like, "Hey don't mess with the chaplain he has God on his team." So I will be playing cards or Halo or something and inevitably someone will bust out with this phrase. I think that Jacob must have thought the same way, hey don't mess with me I have God on my team.

I think they have it backward. God is not on my team, I am on his team. Maybe I should correct the phrase to say, "Hey don't mess with the chaplain he is on God's team."


Blogger Visarian said...

Nice :-)
I'm not much on coming up with a lot to say, unlike my other half that can come up with a half a page to say a couple words. Ah,You know that did help when we were writing papers in school, for he did write a couple for me. :) That probably why he makes a good blogger, hence why he has 2.

"Go Team Go"

6:28 AM  
Blogger Judy Schletty said...

Hi Todd, Went across the street to Holy Cross this morning because Randy and I were tired from 4 hrs. of Lawrence of Abrabia on Sat. night! I could hear your 'voice' in the sermon this morning (Sunday's team). Father talked about the joy we feel that we are followers of Our Lord and this gives us strength. He talked about Jesus Christ and how he is the Light of the world and that His Light shines in the darkness. We can see that Light in our own hearts and souls as we show the world that Light and give the world this image of Christ. Some may try to lure us away, and we have to choose between light and darkness and between good and evil. We must remember that we are God's children and not children of darkness. Uncle Randy just called to say good night. I am so thankful he is a part of my life and he continues to show me the joy of being a Christian. God bless. Love, Judy (Love from Randy, too.)

10:05 PM  
Blogger Roland said...

Thanks for reminding me we are on God's team and not the other way around. I am realizing that more and more lately.

btw, How long until I will be able to send you a book? I don't want to send it until you are more 'settled' in.

God Keep,


8:51 PM  
Blogger Chaplain Luken said...

I have my new address already. It is:
CH(1LT) Todd Luken
HHT 1/167 RSTA
APO-AE 09391

6:26 AM  

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