Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fight fair? Never.

The more I think about it the angrier I get. It is 0130 in the morning here and I can't get to sleep because I am angry. It is not that I really need to sleep at the moment, I would rather just sit here and tell all of you just what I think of my arch enemy. That low down snake cannot go down soon enough for me.

When I signed up to go to this place I realized from the beginning I was in for a fight. The place we have been sent to is spiritually dark and the gospel has had minimal impact for generations. Satan has a strong grip on this place and I am sure he likes it that way.

As chaplains we come to bring God to the soldiers wherever they go. Truthfully I expected a fight; spiritually speaking that is. I expected Satan to attack me and the other chaplains with me. I have been praying faithfully against this attack and I guess I have grown somewhat complacent on my praying for this.

When I think of how we would be attacked I expected that we would be tempted to do all kinds of crazy things. To fear the enemy, to fight among each other, or even to act immorally and lose credibility. I did not expect him to attack out families. I don't know why it seems like such an easy target now that I think about just what that kind of attack does.

I am angry that our families are not safe from spiritual attack, but even more so I am angry at myself for not recognizing the vulnerability. It is a tough battle and we need to be ready to defend all that is dear to us. We had better prepare our families. The fight is coming to them in a way that is not fair, but very real.

I would ask that all of you who read this and believe that God is stronger than any enemy we face, to pray for us. Pray for our families. Keep in touch with them and let them know that you are praying for them. Keep them in close contact and encourage them whenever and wherever you can.

Thank you,
Todd Luken


Blogger Roland said...

I will endeavor to do so.
It is 0130 in the morning for me right now, and I am trying to figure out a way to 'rescue' those in an unhealthy spiritual situation. Don't want them to leave the place they are in, just to understand what they are in.

Praying more diligently for you,


1:37 AM  
Blogger Judy Schletty said...

Hi Todd,
Sometimes we have people in unhealthy spiritual situations and sometimes we have people whom we trust and whom we depend upon who give us erroneous information or not enough information. I don't understand why we must be subjected to this kind of abuse in the form of misinformation. Maybe it has something to do with having a low income. Whatever, I believe it is the work of the devil and I will pray for a way to 'rescue' those people in this unhealthy spiritual situation. I will pray, too, for fortitude and wisdom (gifts of the Holy Spirit) on the lives of people they disrupt.

Uncle Randy and I continue to pray for you diligently, also, and my aunt who goes to Mass every day is remembering you in prayer. She said she will also have you remembered in her prayer group.
God bless, Judy (and Randy, too)

8:44 AM  
Blogger Visarian said...

I am also going to make sure that I have you and your family in my prayers, Todd, and if there is anything that she or you need me to do, you know how to get ahold of me.


3:27 PM  

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