Wednesday, April 12, 2006

All is nigh well

Day 4. I am in another process if getting settled into a new place. Sometimes it seems like I do more moving around than I do staying around. My accomodations are rather nice so far the best I have had since mobilization. I am getting my bearings with a new map and new locations for everything.

It will be awhile before I know where everthing is located. It is somewhat like moving to a new town with nice neighbors and unfriendly people in the next town. I realize that it is only day 4, but the enemy seems like more of an inconvenience than any real threat. I am sure my opinion will waver over the next year.
Other than the occasional inconvinience I really enjoy this job. The ministry is great and it is really all I have to do all day. Imagine being paid to do ministry all day. It is like some wierd dream come true. The only thing that could make this job better is going home to my family at night.

Anne, Connor I miss you guys so much. Everyone else I miss you too, I just spend more time thinking of them. Thanks for reading and be prepared for more regular posts.

This week being holy week I am busy preparing for Good Friday Service and Easter Service. I am excited about both. I have my own chapel and I am prepared to use it;) For Good Friday I have been thinking about what it must have been like for Jesus' disciples. What must they have been thinking; after Jesus' last words "My God why have you forsaken me." What a dark and horrible day. I'm not planning a cheerful service for Friday.


Blogger Roland said...

I certainly hope you think of your family more than us!

If you get time, check out the Palm Sunday sermon at to see what they might have been thinking right before going into Jerusalem.

God is holding you.

10:28 PM  

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