Friday, April 27, 2007

Take 2

OK going to try this again. I have started other posts since the last but I have not finished any as you may have noticed. I have realized that I am trying to hard. I wanted to catch up on everything in one post but I think it would be better if I just started with what I did this week.
This week I have been involved with Warrior Transition Training all week. We are preparing the guys to come home. It is a big change we have in store for us. I am totally ready to go home but part of me will kind of miss this place as weird as that sounds. I also found out that there a bunch of things I am angry about. I knew they were there but I guess I chose to ignore them.
We had a class on anger management that I want to run past you. Their basic premise was A + B = C. Event plus belief leads to a certain reaction. One is unable to change the events in their life so that much is what it is. Your belief about that event will then shape your reaction. So for example if event: Guy cuts you off in traffic, you believe it was on purpose, your reaction will be to speed up and tailgate the jerk. She told us that the key to changing your reaction was to change your belief. Maybe the driver was taking his pregnant wife to the hospital or her sick kid. Then your reaction would not be so aggressive.
Here's my problem. As far as the things I am currently angry about; I am finding it impossible to change my belief. My belief that certain things were done intentionally and with malice. Thinking about it only makes me more angry. How do I change my belief. Guess the only way is to confront the individuals I am angry with. Some of the things are that simple. I know that I have to find a way to put my anger behind me. Hope I will find a way.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ta da

I'm baaack. The internet trolls finally let me go across the bridge. I haven't posted much lately cause well our websense had filtered out blogs. Now I'm back mwhahahaha.
I am busy preparing for Easter Sunday in a couple of days.
It has really only occurred to me in the last couple of years how hopeless the world was on Good Friday. I went to service yesterday and they did this thing called 'stripping the chapel' After the service we took everything out and put it away. The chapel was left an empty building everything that made it look like a church was taken out.
Without Christ church means nothing. Our calling as pastors and preachers means nothing. So we emptied the church in anticipation of life. Life that comes on Sunday.