Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just like real life

I know I haven't blogged in awhile, I am just picking it back up again after my little vacation. There are so many things here that take up my attention. Just like real life, there are too many things to do. I just started running on a regular basis, have I mentioned how much I hate running. Running everyday, well all most, requires I get up early which means I usually get tired early. So getting up early doesn't really add any time to my day. (here you have to run early in the morning, the alternative is too painful to even discuss)

Then there is still the usual stuff like visiting and counseling and that churchy stuff that chaplains like to do. Oh did I mention solitaire, yea I had to ground myself from playing solitaire. It is too hard to get work done otherwise. Then there is people who just want to hang out, and watch movies or play games (I am guessing you do not want to hear about my work activities again they pretty much don't change and the details that do change I cannot say to much about)

I say all this to say, I get pretty busy around here. I just have to slot in time for the things I find important I guess. Anne tells me that a lot of people had been asking about the blog; and I honestly didn't think that many people read it. sniff: I' touched Seriously I will try and write more of what goes on here from day to day. If it is interesting to me I guess it might be interesting to someone else.

recently I got about 20 boxes of stuff from the Coon Rapids American Legion (not to be confused with the VFW [they hate that]) So my assistant and I are in the process of dividing it up into about 15 neat little piles that we can then hand out to the different units in the Squadron. With of course a little 'chaplain tax' of whatever won't make me too fat. Seriously I will be giving most all of it away except for a box of granola bars I couldn't resist.

So here is the first of many thank you's to the Coon Rapids Legion; and to everyone who supports us.


Blogger Judy Schletty said...

Hi Todd,
Glad you're back in the saddle again. Good you find time to run. That keeps you healthy, too.
We just got back from the State Fair. Only half day. Stormy weather, golf ball-size hail, Northfield & Anoka. Tornado touchdowns near Mankato & St. Peter.
Hope your counseling sessions and worship services are going well. Helps to have a shoulder to lean on and I know I always feel like I'm taking the right path after I go to church on Sunday.
Saw Master Connor last week and he gets more handsome every time we see him. Ann said he hadn't had his afternoon nap and I felt just about the same way he did after dealing with some ornery customers! Funny how babies can put our feelings into words! When I was a child, Mom used to say I was having a "Figary Fit." That must be an Irish expression which I have probably misspelled.
God bless -
L, Judy and Uncle Randy

2:23 AM  
Blogger KT said...

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7:48 PM  
Blogger Chaplain Luken said...

Hi yourself

8:56 AM  
Blogger KT said...

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7:55 AM  
Blogger Sean Poland said...


I want to wish you and your soldiers a very blessed and graced Christmas. Be assured that you all are in my prayers and that I am so proud of everyone of you.

Todd, I hope you and the family still plan on coming to visit me when you return.

Sean Poland

2:21 PM  

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