Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The reason why

I got to go on another convoy last week. We came so close to hitting an IED that I could have reached out of my door and brushed my hand against it. I was not really afraid when it was happening; we were just having a normal conversation and then entered a bit of chaos. After the incident when everyone was relaying their stories is when it hit me that we had come that close to danger.
I was impressed with the high level of competence in our troops. They did everything exactly right for the situation. In the end no one was hurt and the IED was collected for further study. Every mission they go on every day is that dangerous. Sometimes they are not fortunate enough to avoid the IEDs. Sometimes they get hurt, but that doesn't stop them. They know the danger but they go anyway. They go with enthusiasm.
That kind of confidence encourages me to not be afraid, it is contagious. I am sure that everyone there is afraid at some level, but they go anyway. They go out because they are ordered to go, but I believe that they would go out even without orders. It begs the question; "Why?"
Why would someone who has a family and a good and comfortable life volunteer to come over here and purposefully put themselves in the path of danger? I do it because I care about the American soldier. I think that they do it because they are protectors. There are people here that need and want our protection. That need alone is enough to set most of these guys in motion.
These guys are far more noble than me. I risk my life for them, but they do it for people they didn't even know until that day. I do it because I believe that soldiers need God, they do it because someone needs their help. That fact is enough; the fact that there exists ordinary people who are being harassed/oppressed/threatened is reason enough.


Blogger Roland said...

"...they do it because someone needs their help. That fact is enough; the fact that there exists ordinary people who are being harassed/oppressed/threatened is reason enough."

How come so many people do not understand that fact?

10:16 AM  
Blogger Visarian said...

Because it isn't reported that way

8:08 PM  
Blogger Roland said...

Where are some new posts? ;)

7:13 AM  
Blogger Judy Schletty said...

I hope Todd is having a good R & R! We got to see him a couple times and hope we can touch bases again. We're having record high heat in Minnesota, so it must seem to Todd like he is back in Iraq, weather-wise. May get up to 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday!

Last Sunday Todd's Dad, who is my my boyfriend's brother, invited Todd, and family to an American Legion close to home, where pop often plays in a country western band on the weekends. So Todd and all got to meet some of Dad's friends and all of us got to hold their 7 month old baby boy, Connor Luken, who looks just like Todd. Some people at the Legion even brought care packages for our soldiers.

God bless.

Judy and Uncle Randy

10:25 PM  
Blogger Judy Schletty said...

Dear Todd, Hope you had a good trip back to Iraq without a hitch. Good to see you at Grandma's house and glad everybody was able to join us.

You're really doing good on the guitar and maybe when you get back, they'll call you up to come play with your dad in his weekend band.

On Sunday Randy and I may go listen to Bavarian music at a festival in New Ulm.

Sounds like people missed your posts. Me, too. Keeps me on my toes and reminds us to pray, pray, pray.

Stay strong as you help support our troops. Be patient. Let nothing distract you. Our faith is strengthen when we can lean on Our Lord's team. Last week we read in the Gospel that Our Lord sent the disciples out, two by two, so they could help each other, just as we must do. God bless. Judy & Uncle Randy

1:50 AM  

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