Thursday, June 01, 2006

If you don't like the heat stay out of Iraq

Well I have just lived through my first week of temps averaging in the 1-teens. We live here about 50 meters or so from the Tigris so the humidity is usually around 40% or so. It is literally like that feeling you get when you open the oven on a hot day except everywhere. It makes you wonder why people live here. I mean really come on, I understand the need for cheap property but....

One positive is that no matter weather or not you believe in evolution or in creationism this is probably where we all started out. Kinda convenient I thought. Something that a philosophical science and religion agree upon (kinda) I guess there had to be something.

I have been pretty busy lately with counseling and more counseling. Guess we are getting into the busy time. On Tuesday the phone was literally ringing when I came in at 8 AM, and rang just before I was going to go to bed at 11PM. Long day. I enjoy visiting guys, just don't like leaving my air conditioned office.

Well I am sitting here thinking over last weeks sermon and contemplating next weeks. I thought if I wrote about them it would help me prepare. I have been doing like a whole bible series going from Gen to Rev, trying to weave a common thread of God's grace and his desire for a relationship with us. It seems right to me that since the fall God has been building his relationship with us and revealing himself to us in a special way.

Anyway last Sunday we were talking about the book of Ruth. I found it interesting that Ruth tells Naomi that Boaz is our redeemer. So naturally I had to look up the word redeemer, and it means one who buys back. One who gets back what was lost. In Jewish law it was the responsibility of the oldest male to look out for the family name. This meant that if a family member had to sell their property to pay their debts, or themselves even to pay their debts. The oldest son would then be responsible to take care of the family name and buy back what was lost. Boaz returned life to Naomi and Ruth. They had lost everything when their men had died, but now they could live again new because of what Boaz did for them.

Since I started doing this project of preaching through the bible, it never fails to amaze me how rich scripture is with living examples. What an awesome paradigm to describe Jesus Christ, he is our redeemer. He is the one who buys us back from slavery. Not only that but he is our kinsmen redeemer, he is like our older brother buying us back from the chains of sin's slavery.

This week we start with the Kings. I suppose I should start digging through 1st Samuel. Saul what can you say about Saul. Started strong, finished weak. He always seemed like someone who was prone to rash decisions and immaturity. A bad combo for a king. The people wanted a king.... hmmm. Wanted a king.

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Blogger Roland said...

I'm glad you are useful to God where you are.
I wouldn't like the oven feel too much. How cool does it get at night?
It's neat how you can read an entire "book" of the Bible and gain good insights. I've been doing a similar thing lately with the epistles in the NT.

Is there a way to put a positive spin on his outcome?

And do you have notes of your lessons you give on Sundays?
(It would be neat to read them)

Grace and peace.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Judy Schletty said...

Hi Todd, They say that our desert S.W. is starting to get hot and humid too. Some say it has to do with people watering their lawns more often, installing more swimming pools, and then the past couple of years they've had more rain. Many of us say that it's a nice place to visit, but not a place we'd like to live permanently. I think it's sad that a country like Iraq, which is so rich in Biblical history and the beginning of civilization, has now become another warfaring nation.
Randy and I had a great day with Cousins Jim and Eunice last Wed. Eunice had to go to a meeting with the mayor, so Randy and I got treated to some of Jim's magic tricks. He cut yarn and then pulled it out in one piece and then he drew our king or queen out of a handful of cards after we thought it was the card we had chosen lying on the table in front of us. They are still involved with the problems illegal immigrants are causing and Jim even read us one of his letters to the editor which was published in the Pine City Press. He says it doesn't help to complain, we must talk to our representatives.
Sounds like you are keeping busy with 15 hour days! Randy and I have had some challenges recently. I pray these difficulties will strengthen us and make us appreciate each other even more. I also hope your worship services, sermons, and counseling sessions bring comfort to your soldiers as they struggle with all their challenges and difficulties, too. May God hold you in the palm of his hand and give you special blessings for the work you do. Love, Judy and Uncle Randy

12:45 AM  
Blogger Roland said...

How our your Sunday messages being received?
Is attendance good?
Do people ask questions?

Just curious.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Chaplain Luken said...

I have been getting about 8 per week. This sounds kinda bad, but there are a lot of other services on post that my guys attend. They seem to like my messages, at least the ones who come keep on coming. but who knows. Sometimes they ask questions, usually not. I like to think that is because I explain mylself well in the sermon.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Judy Schletty said...

Hi Todd, Back to the weather again. I remember Randy and I visited friends who moved to Las Vegas. One of the first times we were out there in June, they said that they close all the windows and keep the blinds down, because that keeps the house cool since it's a dry heat. Therefore, they didn't use the air that much. At night, though, I had to sleep without any blanket because I wasn't used to that heat. Went to church with Randy on Sat. and they discussed the beautiful passages about God in Isaias Ch. 40. Then at Holy Cross we celebrated our third highest feast day, Pentecost. The gifts of the Holy Spirit help us in ordinary ways to live a good christian life. That flame of the Holy Spirit burns to assure us that we are never alone and we can spread our christianity by living lives that are faithful to the Gospel. I pray we all can use the gifts of the Holy Spirit especially for peace and also to love and forgive one another. God bless. Judy and Uncle Randy

2:38 AM  
Blogger Visarian said...

Awesome post, Todd. Keep them coming :D

6:56 AM  

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